One of our esteemed suppliers, Schneider Electric South Africa, has announced the launch of its revolutionary Full-Flat electro-mechanical switch, ZENcelo. Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management, and we are proud to be stocking these switches at both Plumstead and Okavango Electrical Wholesalers.

ZENcelo switches boast dollies that are fully aligned with the surround of the switch and have no-protrusions. Due to its patented “impress” (iso-motion-press) mechanism, the switch dolly maintains the same full-flat position whether switched “on” or “off”, at the same time occupying a much smaller footprint.

These switches are meticulously designed to the minutest detail and harmoniously blend in with contemporary décor. With its aesthetically pleasing, innovative and user-friendly design, ZENcelo will definitely become a fashion item. Enabled by impress.mechanism, ZENcelo makes the future flatter than you ever imagined. The patent-pending “Ondicator” shows marigold when turned “on” and blends into the same colour as the dolly when “off”.

The switches are made of corrosion resistant, heat resistant and impact resistant polycarbonate and the data socket comes with a patented integrated shutter, whilst the electrical socket comes with reinforced-nylon protective shutter. The switches are also electric arc encapsulated, SABS compliant, as well as RoHS compliant.

ZENcelo switches are available in different colours: standard white, dark grey, silver bronze and silver stain.

Please contact either of our branches for more information.

For more information on Schneider Electric visit their website: www.schneider-electric.co.za

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