As insignificant as they may seem, new plug cover plates and light switches are an easy way to add some decorative zing to your home or to modernize any room.

Take a tour of your home and check out your plug cover plates. Do any look like they need replacing? Even if they don’t need replacing, you can still update their look by adding new covers, or by replacing ones that currently might be old, cracked, dirty or just not your style any more.

We suggest the following ranges from budget to splurge:

Budget: The Topaz Range
The Topaz range is an affordable range of quality switches and sockets with a stylish design offering a simple, soft and
modern look, perfect in the aesthetics of any home.Topaz has clean lines and recessed levers to enhance the uniqueness of the range by providing a flat appearance without the switches protruding from the coverplate. This range is perfect for the houseproud homeowner who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on upgrading plug plates.

Mid-Range: The Diamond Range
Our Diamond Range of electrical switches and sockets is innovative in design and locally manufactured and supported, the ideal choice for the discerning homeowner. This range is modular with clip-on cover plates and fits the standard wall boxes installed in South African homes and offices. Depending on your colour scheme and style we suggest:

The Diamond Champagne range

The Diamond Silver-Grey range

The Diamond Charcoal range

There are more colours to choose from, so chat to one of our consultants for more info.

Splurge: The Arteor Range
The Arteor range of switches and plug plates are a luxury you won’t want to forego once you’ve seen them up close. Mix, match and visualize the possibilities of the stylish finishes, colours, shapes and rocker options and select from wood, neutral, metal or leather finish to give your home a very personal and very luxurious touch.

Choose from their Neutral, Brushed Metal, Leather, Wood or Graphic ranges:

For more information on these or other products, please contact one of our consultants:

Plumstead Electrical: 021 715 3151

Okavango Electrical: 021 982 8124

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