The SHA Series of waterproof distribution boxes are now in stock at Plumstead, Okavango & Atlantic Electrical. These attractive, durable and safe boxes come in 12, 18 and 24 way and can be used in a wide range of applications including factories, residential, shopping malls etc.


Manufactured using high quality ABS material these enclosures are extremely strong and do not discolour.

The face cover uses a push-type opening and closing mechanism and the face mask can be opened by pressing lightly. The guide rail support plate can be lifted to the highest movable point. It is no longer limited by the narrow space when installing the wiring.

To install easily, the switch of the distribution box is set up with the wire groove and wire pipe exit-holes, which are easy to use for a variety of wire grooves and wire pipes.

For more information please contact your nearest branch:

Plumstead Electrical: 021 715 3151
Okavango Electrical: 021 982 8124
Atlantic Electrical: 021 204 3130

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