Traditional metal slab boxes currently in use in South Africa pose a varying number of complications when installing: Inconsistent knock outs, poor quality tack welds, difficult alignment process and inconsistent mesh/steel surfaces that can be difficult to plaster.

ALLBRO’s new Slab Box, now available at Plumstead, Okavango & Atlantic Alectrical Wholesalers, solves these challenges whilst still offering the benefits of a GRP electrical enclosure. It will offer a single box with three diameter options, no predefined knock outs, simplified alignment, easy and tidy plastering.

Metal boxes require separate specific cut outs to cater for the 64mm, 75mm & 85mm down lights generally used. With Slab Box, you will be able to achieve these diameters with a single box just by using an appropriately sized hole saw (sold separately).

Predefined metal knock outs sometimes pose a unique challenge due to its poor quality and inconsistent gapping. This could allow concrete to seep into the box during the curing process. A 21mm hole saw shall be provided with every 20 Slab Boxes purchased allowing the contractor to drill custom holes for flawless conduit installation

Perfect alignment of downlights also proves difficult to achieve. Slab Box’s unique yet simple shutter mounting system promises accurate and consistent positioning.

The traditional metal box requires a mesh grid to be welded onto edges to ensure adhesion of plaster. Slab Box’s unique design addresses this ascetic issue of unappealing “grid” surface finishes by eliminating the need to plaster directly onto the box.

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