QwikSwitch (QS-SP-DOPTO)


QwikSwitch Multi Function Starter pack (QS-SP-DOPTO)

Features of the 2 Button Transmitter.
• 2 button transmitter.
• Input supply – 1 x CR2032 Battery (Up to 2 year battery life).
• Form Factor – Moulded casing – 80mm (w) x 126mm (L) x 10mm (H).
• Radio frequency – 868 Mhz.
• Range – 30m through walls and floors, 100m line of site.
• Repeaters available if needed (QS-T-REP).
• Unique button identification.
• Transmitter can link to any QwikSwitch receiver.
• Will fit over any existing light switch (2 x 4 box).

Features of the Receiver:
• QS-R-DOPTO is the most popular unit in the QwikSwitch Range, having the ability to change to a dimmer or a relay receiver mode.
• Default Mode: 200W and 1A ON/OFF – Mode needs to be set at installation.
• Not to be used for CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) Dimming – Can switch CFL ON/OFF (Relay Mode)

Specifications of the Receiver:
• Input – 230 Vac, 50Hz
• Max Output – 1A (Relay Mode) / 200W (Leading Edge Dimmer Mode)
• Form Factor – Moulded casing – 86mm (L) x 36mm (W) x 29mm (H)
• Radio Frequency – 868 Mhz
• Range – 30m through walls and floors, 100m line of sight.
• Recommended for LED use.

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