It’s 2019 and home automation products are trending. From light switches that can be turned on from your mobile phone before you get home, to illuminated mirrors that can charge your tablet and phone, we give you some of the best gadgets to simplify your life, all available at Plumstead Electrical and Lighting Showrooms.

Here are 5 gadgets you’re not going to want to do without:


Have you ever wanted to see who is at the door when your doorbell rings, without opening it? Or wondered who is loitering at your gate without going out to it? Or maybe you’d like to see who called on you while you were out?

Now you can with the advanced technology of the Wi-Bell, the smart video doorbell that not only enables you to view who is at your door via the Smart APP, but allows you to talk to the person who is there too.

With the Wi-Bell smart video doorbell you don’t have to physically get up to see who is there and you don’t have to be at home either.

Here is how it works:

  1. The visitor arrives at your door or gate and presses the bell.
  2. The data is transmitted using your WiFi network
  3. Notification is received on your smart phone, and you can view and communicate with your visitor.

Read more about it here:

Qwik Switch

Qwik Switch offers a comprehensive wireless lighting control at home or the office, allowing access and control from wireless switches as well as computers and mobile devices. No more grinding to install a light switch, simply put a QwikSwitch wireless switch where ever you need it.

Schedule lights to save energy, enjoy the convenience of off-site remote lighting control and peace-of mind security benefits. Plus the decorative SwitchArt wireless wall switches complement your style and enhance your interior design.

The following infographic illustrates how the WiFi Bridge helps you control and automate your home or office:

Qwik Switch’s web or Android app works with our wifi bridge, transmitters and receivers allowing control and scheduling for most household items. This will enable you to integrate lights, geysers, doors, pumps, and more. Anything really that has a switch.

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Hager Coviva

Easily control the lighting, blinds, gates, geyers and many more functions at home while saving time, energy and money and get the smart home you’ve always wanted that’s connected to your needs every moment of the day.

Coviva is different from many smart home solutions. It’s an affordable solution that requires no expensive building work, and can be quickly and easily installed without any additional cable routing. This makes Coviva the perfect choice for retrofitting.

At the heart of this is the Coviva Smartbox, which unobtrusively fits into the home environment and links all radio users together – even if the electrical installation is designed for conventional light switches. All you need is an electrician to perform the initial installation.

Read more about it here:

Lina Mirror

Bathrooms are getting their fair share of hi tech devices. Lighting is especially important in the bathroom and the Focco range of illuminated mirrors from Spain merges exquisite design and lighting seamlessly. Not only that but they have also integrated added technology in their designs. The Lina mirror, just one of the mirrors available at Plumstead Electrical and Lighting, not only has an integrated LED light, but it also comes with anticorrosive protection, defogger capabilities as well as 2 x USB ports allowing you to charge phones, tablets etc.

For these and more home automation products, speak to one of our sales consultants who will be able to give you more information.

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