Plumstead and Okavango Electrical now stock Metro Prepaid water sub meters, a national prepaid collection service provider. This system helps property owners collect water payments from tenants.

Once installed, Metro Prepaid supplies recharge tokens for these meters through thousands of service points country-wide.

The cost of water flowing through the prepaid meters is recovered through tokens sold, and is repaid to the owner by Metro Prepaid, monthly via EFT.

Perfect for:

• Residential sublets
• Apartment blocks
• Light industrial parks
• Workers accommodation
• Commercial offices

How it works:

• Metro Prepaid registers each meter to the owner of the property where it is installed. Registration can be done telephonically
• The tenants purchase tokens through a number of options.
• A 20 digit code is received either on a cash slip or via sms
• This token is then punched into the sub meter and the meter is recharged

Advantages to landowners:

• Easy control of water bills
• Reduced administration and risk
• Cheaper meters and faster installation
• Option to set your tariff so that commercial tenants pay the Metro Prepaid 8,5% (of token value) vending fee plus VAT
• Improved cash flow, water used through the meter paid back to owner
• State of the art reporting available online

Advantages to tenants:

• Tighter water usage control leading to reduced usage and water costs
• Help desk on standby every day including weekends from 7am to 10pm to resolve any prepaid metering issues
• Convenient token purchase options available
• No unexpected large bills
• Better usage awareness helps reduce water consumption

Contact one of our consultants for more information:

Plumstead Electrical Wholesalers: 021 715 3151
Okavango Electrical Wholesalers: 021 982 8124

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