Easily control the lighting, blinds, gates, geyers and many more functions at home while saving time, energy and money and get the smart home you’ve always wanted that’s connected to your needs every moment of the day.

Coviva, now available at Okavango Lighting Showroom is different from many smart home solutions. It’s an affordable solution that requires no expensive building work, and can be quickly and easily installed without any additional cable routing. This makes Coviva the perfect choice for retrofitting. All you need is an electrician to perform the initial installation.

Lighting – More comfort and safety

Light has always been a key feature of a comfortable home. Coviva ensures the perfect lighting mood in every area of your home.

Curtains and Blinds – In harmony with your lifestyle

Say goodbye to blinding sunlight in your home. With Coviva, you can create personalised scenarios to perfectly suit your needs.

Voice Control – Act naturally

Activating your goodnight scene with voice control is now possible with coviva. Simply connect your Amazon Alexa or Google Home assistant to your WIFI and pair it to the coviva smart box.


Download the Coviva app on iTunes or Google Play store and drive your house with your fingertips.

Manage your smart home on the go using the covvia app from any mobile device. And by creating “coviagrams” you can pre-program the app to control multiple functions simultaneously.

Simply combine the micromodules, coviva smartbox and related app to create a smart home that’s easy to install, monitor and control.

For more information, please contact a salesperson on 0217153151.

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